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Sales horses

At our facility in Carmona, about 20 minutes from Seville, we always have a few exclusive sales horses on site.
I also have contacts with many breeders, especially small ones, who have really great horses that are often hidden in the hinterland of Andalusia.

Horses at our stables

Since we travel around a lot and always meet so many great horses, we can't resist every now and then...
If we are particularly enthusiastic about a horse and think that with a little training it could become a great sales horse, then we can't help but buy it ourselves :)
All horses that come to us are x-rayed and checked so that we can be as sure as possible that the horses are basically healthy.
However, we can always recommend a new, current vet-check, which can of course be done by the veterinarian of your choice.

From time to time we also have customers’ horses for sale - horses that are ridden by me and are for sale.

We also have a small, exclusive breeding and every now and then, if everything fits, we also sell a horse from our breeding.

Although I have to say that unfortunately I'm better at breeding and "buying" than at selling ;) haha...

If you are interested in a horse that was born and/or raised with us or has already been in training with us for some time, just get in touch! Maybe we have something suitable for you :)

We spend most of the day with our animals.

That's why we unfortunately don't always manage to update the website and from time to time we even miss messages.

That's why you're welcome to call me!
+49 176 2013 6828 / +34 674 737 826
I look forward to speaking with you directly about your dream horse!

You are also welcome to check out Facebook (Matilda Schmechel Dressage / Caballos de la Esperanza) or Instagram (@JenniMatildaSchmechel), where I always post current horses that are with us.

_MG_6729 Kopie.jpg


Are you looking for something very special?
I would be happy to find YOUR horse for you!

Describe to me your personal dream horse and I will send you horses that may suit your wishes.

I would be happy to show you the horses on site that we previously selected together based on photos, videos and my experiences with them.

I selected the horses carefully and personally looked at the horses, stables and trainers.
All horses come from reputable stud farms or private individuals and are trained sensibly and solidly according to the horse in question.

Dreaming is allowed...!

Anyone can come into possession of a “Spanish Pearl”.

With me you will find everything your heart desires, from young green horses over basic ridden dressage horses to highly trained competition horses.
The horses range from lower price categories to high-priced breeding and sport horses.
The prices of the horses are adjusted from time to time to reflect the current value of the horse. This can change depending on the horse's level of training and success.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht! Wir melden uns so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen!

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