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Riding holiday under the Andalusian sun

With over 300 days of sunshine, Seville is the perfect destination for any outdoor activity.

Our horse paradise is located in Carmona, in the middle of nature and yet with good connections to the surrounding area.

By car.:

  • Carmona city center 5-10min

  • Seville city center 20-25 min

  • Seville airport 15-20 min ​


    For day trips (approx. 1-1.5 hours away) you can reach, for example:

  • Córdoba

  • Jerez de la Frontera

  • El Puerto de Sta Maria (beach)

  • El Rocio (national park and beach)


Design your dream holiday according to your wishes!​

Your holiday under the Andalusian sun should become an absolute dream holiday.

That's why we want to give you the freedom to design it entirely according to your wishes.

We would be happy to help you find the perfect package for You!

Below you will find some suggestions for this. ​

Simply contact me for an individual offer!


Would you like a dressage booster?

Are you looking for an intensive dressage course where you want to effectively improve your seat and your influence on the horse?

No problem! We will put together a course for You that will take You a lot further in just a few days.

Our seat training on the lunge in particular gives many students the long-awaited "AHA effect" when it comes to perfect balance in the saddle. Sitting well can be so easy! And it is also the perfect prerequisite for giving correct and effective aids, which you can then refine on our super trained PRE school stallions.

Of course, getting the feel for exercises like piaffe is included!

You decide how many lessons you want per day.

You are also welcome to train your eyes and look over our shoulders between your training sessions during our daily training with the other horses, or take a walk around our 5ha finca and observe the many wild animals at their feeding and watering points.

If you decide to spend the whole day with us, we will be happy to prepare a traditional Spanish meal for you at lunchtime, which you can enjoy in the pleasant shade of our centuries-old olive trees.


Horse riding & leisure

Would you like to learn from our schoolmaster stallions and get to know Andalusia?

Then you could spend half the day on our facility and get to know the benefits of seat training, work together on high-level exercises or unwind on a horseback ride.

You can then spend the rest of the day exploring the surrounding area on your own.

If you are interested, we can also accompany you and give you an exclusive private tour of your favorite destinations.

Whether one of the nearest cities like Seville or Cordoba, a slightly further trip to Jerez, Ronda, Granada or Malaga, or the smaller old towns or the famous white villages - there are many possibilities around for the city lover.

The historic center of Carmona is also always worth a visit!

Do you like hiking? Then the Andalusian hinterland with its numerous hiking trails is just right.

Or would it rather be the beach? No problem! The Atlantic coast with its beautiful white beaches invites you to linger.

We can also organize beach rides for you.

We would be happy to help you with planning your excursion destinations and give you valuable tips to make your holiday an unforgettable event!

If you wish, we can also accompany you and give you an exclusive private tour of your favorite destinations.

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Individual lessons

Do you prefer to be very flexible and just want to book a few lessons?

No problem! ​


In just a single unit of high-quality teaching, you will gain new perspectives that you can implement on other horses at home. ​


Are you in the area right now?

We can also set up individual units spontaneously.


​ Just contact me!


~On a well-trained horse you can develop yourself perfectly.~​

Are you looking for ideas to continue working with your own horse at home?

Would you like to develop your own riding skills?

Would you like to refine your communication with the horses?

Or would you simply like to get a feel for what exercises like piaffe and Spanish walk feel like on a Spanish dream horse?

No matter what - the fun and learning factor is guaranteed!


Although our horses are trained in dressage, the lessons are primarily focused on the correct position of the rider, the fine influence of the aids and the understanding of the horse and the individual exercises.

Thinking in pigeonholes is not our thing, so even if you don't come from the "dressage world" our lessons can help you immensely.

We deal individually with each rider with his strengths and weaknesses!


Put together your own holidays and decide for yourself whether you would prefer seat training on the lunge (highly recommended for everyone), specific technical lessons on well-trained school stallions or a pleasant hack.

Everything is possible!

There is no minimum level, but in order to protect our horses we have to set a weight limit of max. 90kg.

Everything else - whatever suits you best!​

Accommodation during your holiday is generally in a beautiful 4* hotel in the historic old town of Carmona. Here you can enjoy your breakfast and during the season the outdoor pool invites you to take a relaxing break. For the rest of your meals you can choose whether you would rather stay in the hotel or go to one of the typical Spanish restaurants. Whether a few tapas or something really feudal? Carmona has a bit of everything, we would be happy to help you decide :)


Would you prefer to arrange your accommodation on your own? No problem! We would be happy to advise you or book your desired accommodation for you. ​


Our cozy apartments in the middle of our olive grove are currently under construction and you will soon be able to spend your holiday close to nature on our completely self-sufficient finca.


A (rental) car is generally helpful in Spain, especially if you want to explore the surrounding area.

If you prefer to travel without your own car, we will of course pick you up from the hotel and bring you back there.

From Carmona there are bus connections to all nearby cities.

​ If you have any questions or suggestions, just let us know!

We focus our planning entirely on you! ​


Together we will find exactly the right thing for you, so that your holiday will be unforgettable!

Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht! Wir melden uns so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen!

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