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Our knowledge and experience meet up Your wishes and ideas

We would be delighted to keep your horse, regardless of his age and breed, in further training at our stables.

The training takes place at our stables in Carmona, Seville.


From gently, slowly braking in up to Grand Prix level we can offer you and your horse everything. Here we totally agree to your wishes and on the plans, that you have with your horse. If ambitioned leasure-time riding, show or competition?


We adjust the training on the intention that you have.


Principally, an age-appropriate training is important for us, which is based on the training scale.
Our horses are generally ridden with a snaffle, but as the horse's level and age increases, they can also be ridden with a double bridle. In the end, however, it is always the horse itself that decides which bit is the best for him.

Every horse learns differently

The speed and type of training depends a lot on your horse, because every horse learns differently. With every horse there are lessons and things that are easier or more difficult for him.

We encourage your horse to the best of his abilities and get the best out of your horse.

Well thought-out training depending on the discipline. Anyway the basics are always the same: a relaxed, calm and supple horse that enjoys work.



If you wish, we can also train your horse in the Doma Vaquera. Are you looking for a horse for show or working equitation, for example? Then this is the right way!

Even with this type of training, the basics are the same, a relaxed, calm and supple horse that enjoys the work.

A well-thought-out training then brings the horse into this special kind of riding with its typical quick turns, pirouettes and stops.

The training at the long reins is a special extra, that we can offer you. Also in this we can bring your horse from the introduction up to the really high level.


Also lunging of the horse can be an important part of the training. Specially while preparing for breaking in, for the work at the long reins and the high school dressage lunging can help a lot. Here we can also introduce your horse in the lunging at the double-lunge.



Liberty work in the round pen according to the principles of Natural Horsemanship is also an important part of our daily work. Especially with young and new horses, it is important to form a good relationship based on trust, respect and good communication. This creates the perfect basis for learning everything else on a basis of trust, regardless of whether a horse only stays with us for a short or long term.


From circensic excercises (e.g. compliment, lay down, Spanish walk) up to the difficult excercises of the High School Dressage (e.g. Levade, Posade, Courbette, Capriole) your horse can learn everything with us.

In hand as well as at the long reins or under the saddle.

The training in these special excercises depends very much on the talent and freewill of your horse. Not every horse can and want to learn and perform the difficult exercises of the high school dressage and we should respect this.


Only a horse that is enjoys what it does can radiate the elegance, beauty and magic that has captivated people for thousands of years.


We boost the natural potential of your horse and we get all the possible out of him. Anyway every horse owner should be aware that every horse needs a different amount of time for the training and enjoys different things.

Of course we adjust the training on your wishes and ideas, but no matter what kind of training you choose, the details always depend on your horse. 


Just tell me your wishes, ideas and goals!
We would be pleased to generate personally with you an individual training plan for Your horse!


This is what we offer You and Your horse:


  • Well-ventilated box with isolated roof (important regarding the heat)

  • Box with window facing the stable alley and direct contact to neighbour-horses

  • In summer fans for each box

  • Automatical drinking system, mineral lickstone

  • Plenty of bedding on high-quality straw or pellets

  • Daily mucking out

  • Daily turning out on paddock


  • 24h paddock keeping

  • Individually or in a well-coordinated group

  • 24h straw at free disposal

  • Shelter

  • Trees as natural shade providers

  • Automatic drinking system, mineral lickstone


  • Plenty of hay in the morning and evening (depending on the horse about 8kg)

  • Concentrated high quality feed, depending on the needs of your horse

  • Feeding of supplements on demand


  • Depending your wishes 3/4/5/6 days a week

  • 20x60m ring with irrigation (no dust)

  • Periodical filming of your horse at work – get an insight in the actual condition of your horse!

Grow together with your horse!

  • Of course you are always welcome to visit you horse!

  • You are also welcome to receive lessons on your horse in order to grow together better with him.

  • You will get to know its peculiarities and receive valuable tips. This makes everything much easier when you finally bring your horse home.

We can of course respond individually for further demands and wishes.


Just contact me!

Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht! Wir melden uns so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen!

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