Yapal, PRE, 100% Romero Benitez, 1.59m, *2014, verkauft, M&M

Name:                      Yapal
Breed:                      PRE
Gender:                    Stallion
Age:                         3 years – 12.08.2014
Height:                     currently 1,59m / 15.3 hh
Coat color:                Grey
Price:                        Verkauft
Sire:                         Vencedor X – by Baturro VII
Dam:                        Deseada CCXXIX –by Señorito XXXIV

See here the pedigree!

Stunning young stallion with nice paces and a TOP-Character.

Yapal has been out in a bachelor-group until September and came then to us to be slowly prepared for his life as a dressage horse.
From the beginning on he has always been so trusting and relaxed with everything. He has power, but always keeps his calm and even temper.
Already in his eyes you can see his honesty and serenity that we feel in our daily handling with him – just to fall in love with.
Yapal already knows lunging with saddle and snaffle and we have already sat on him for the first times. Just like always he stayed calm with everything. All the new situations he takes with interest, learns fast but keeps cool.

His outstanding pedigree is 100% Romero Benitez – one of the oldest and most authentic PRE-bloodlines.
If you wish so, he can be APTO approved before travelling to his new home.

Yapal is a sweetheart, and such a beautiful one! A horse for somebody who is looking for a true partner for a lifetime!

Yapal has already a vet-check with X-Rays. I can send it to you on request.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

All horses are welcome to stay with us for further training.


Video at liberty:

Video 10.Mal unter dem Sattel:

Video 2. time backing:

Videos at the lunge: