Santana, 3 Years, Buckskin

Name:                  TOAGU Santana
Breed:                  PRE
Gender:                Mare
Age:                    3 Years- 03.03.2011
Height:                 1,56m
Colour:                 Buckskin
Price:                   –
Father:                 Amoroso JL
Mothers-Father:     Enebro

See here the pedigree!

Santana is a pretty, young mare with good movements and a suspended trot. She has been taken into a box just some days ago, has been in the countryside with the herd till now. She is already super sweet-natured, likes to smooch and is very relaxed and brave. On the pictures she has her winter coat, in the summer the coat is lighter. She will be 3 Years in March, so she will still grow a lot. Santanas father is out of the famous colour-focusse breeding stud Javier Larrosa, the mothers pedigree is based on the established bloodlines of the Yeguada Militar.

The genetics of Santana are: ggEEAaCCrppchchzz
So she can, depending on the genetics of the stallion, get foals in the following coat-colours:
Black, Smoky Black (Black+Cr), Smoky Cream (Black+CrCr)
Bay, Buckskin (Bay+Cr), Perlino (Bay+CrCr)
Perlino/Smoky Cream (Bay/Black + CrPrl)

I would be pleased to send you further information over colour-focussed breeding! Just contact me!

Santana is such a pretty, sweet mare with that special “something”. She is really interesting for colour-focussed breeding or for someone, who is just looking for something special.


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