Kaiser, 3-Years

Name:                  Kaiser SAL
Breed:                  PRE
Gender:                Stallion
Age:                    3 Years – 13.01.2011
Height:                 ca 1,65m
Colour:                 Bay
Price:                   –
Father:                 Decano SAL (100% Guardiola)
Mothers-Father:     Distinto IV

See here the pedigree!

Kaiser SAL is an awesome 3-years old PRE stallion. He has a lot of temperament and potential, in the handling he is calm, trusting and cuddly.

He has been trained 2 months with Natural Horsemanship and you can notice it a lot. He knows beeing lunged with saddle and bridle, but he is not backed yet.

Recently he has already grown out a lot, he is 1,65m high and he will be a really impressive horse a day!

Father Decano SAL is 100% Guardiola bred. From his mothers’ part Kaisers pedigree is influenced by Escalera and Marin Garcia blood.

With further training the price will rise, don’t miss this chance!

Kaiser can gladly stay with us to be trained further.


**Update 27.08.2014: Kaiser has already been ridden a couple of times. A video while training will follow.**


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