Cuchilleta, 3-Years

Name:                   Cuchilleta II
Breed:                   PRE
Gender:                 Stallion
Age:                     3 Years – 25.01.2011
Height:                  1,60 m
Colour:                  Chestnut
Price:                    –
Father:                  Zelote (Y.Militar: Jenson/Lebrijano III-Agente)
Mothers-Father:      Nicaro II

See the pedigree here!

This young stallion has a lot of charisma. His rare chestnut coat makes him special, he has a golden glim in his coat that makes him shining in the sun. Cuchilleta is honest and easy in the handling, he is broken in slightly. Due to his strong, baroque body he fits also to taller riders.
Cuchilleta has a good pedigree. His father and mother are chestnuts, so he is also interesting for colout-focussed breeding. PRE chestnuts are rare and in demand, especially when they are so beautiful and with good movements.

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