Atila, PRE, *2010

Name:                  Atila GL
Breed:                  PRE
Gender:                Stallion
Age:                    5 Years – 30.06.2010
Height:                 1,62 m
Colour:                 Grey
Price:                   Sold
Sire:                    Noche y Dia
Damsire:              Honroso-SAF

See here the pedigree!

Beautiful young stallion with good gaits.

Atila GL has been all his life outside in the fields in a bachelor group. Spring 2014 he was brought to the stables and is now slowly and gently prepared for his life as a riding horse.

He already knows lunging with a saddle and a snaffle and is doing very well and calm, showing a very gentle character without any stallion behavior.
With his 1,61m he is still growing and with more work he will become much stronger. He is short and compact – just like a real PRE originally should be. He will surely become a really baroque beauty.

Because of a reduction of the stud he is now available for a very fair price. With further training the price will rise, don’t miss this chance!

Update October 2014:
Atila is doing very well with saddle and bridle and he has already been ridden a couple of times. First at the lunge, then also free and he is very calm, relaxed and easy to ride and to handle. He has already a quite good balance and also with the rider he shows his good gaits and his active hindquarters.

Update May 2015:
Atila is developing really well and become more beautiful every day. Under the saddle he is already showing his good gaits and is searching contact on his own. Sometimes he is a bit unsecure but when the rider gives him security he is working really well. Below you can find a new video of Atila under the saddle.

A really nice horse to form on your own! For more information just write me.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!
All horses are welcome to stay with us for further training.

Video: The 4th time free (without lunge) under the saddle.

New video: May 2015 – Working under the saddle

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