Freya, PRE, *2016, PC2, M&M

Name:                      JMS Freya
Breed:                      PRE
Gender:                    Mare
Age:                         *28.05.2016
Height:                     height ca. 1,55m
Coat color:                Bay
Price:                        PC2 (2.500€ – 5.000€)
Sire:                         Distinguido FM – by Zebulon
Dam:                        Rociera CIV –by Atrevido XLVII

See here the pedigree!

Wonderful, baroque young mare with nice paces and the super character of her father.

Update: 2020

Since Freya’s sister Chula was sold, I had taken Freya out of the sale. Well, due to the situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided with a heavy heart to offer Freya for sale again.
In autumn 2019 we gently rode her on (ridden about 10 times) and then put her out in the herd so that she can develop nicely. Now we have started to work her again from time to time to get her used to the rider again. We lunge her now and then and have sat on her a few times, all without any problems. Her character is just incredibly relaxed and yet she has a lot of power.

I think she can make a wonderful working equitation horse because she is fast and agile, but at the same time super relaxed. Due to her great movements, she is also very suitable for dressage or simply as a great leisure partner <3
She is welcome to stay for further training.
Only to be given into the best hands. 🙂

New pictures will follow soon.

Advertisement from 2018:

End of may 2016 finally arrived the first offspring of my stud Distinguido.
Little Freya really swept us off our feet. From the beginning on she showed a lot of power and need for movement. She is always in a good mood and always the first one to say “hello”. With enough cuddling she used to lay down to enjoy it while having a nap with her head on my lap. Simply a gorgeous foal with the sweet-natured character of her father.
Already when she was young you could see, that she will become a stunning baroque mare. Her baroque body, the beauty of her father paired with her gracile movements with a very good walk and her wonderful character she will for sure become a fantastic riding horse.

Freya can be touched everywhere, is absolutely not afraid of people, knows to be lead, to be tied up, to give her feet and the farrier. Of course she is vaccinated and dewormed correctly.
After weaning (where she also got used to a stable) she came back to her usual herd where she is still living and now taking care of her siblings.

Since by now I have so many horses, I have decided with a heavy heart, to give Freya in loving new hands.

She is welcome to stay with us for longer. Or even until her first training. Of course you can also take her to her new home with a good place for upbringing whenever you wish.

All our broodmares and youngsters have big fields to run around and are fed with a special feed that is specially made to prevent damages in the development of the foals as OC/OCD. I can tell you more over this personally if you wish.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!