Walker, PRE, stallion *2016 PC4

Name:                      Walker GL
Breed:                      PRE
Gender:                    Stallion
Age:                        15/06/2016
Height:                     ca. 1,63m
Coat color:                Grey
Price:                        PC4 (7.500€ – 10.000€)



Athletic but baroque youngster with super gaits.

Walker has been out in the fields with his younger brother until some weeks ago, where he could grow up in a natural envirronment.
Now he has been brought to the stables and will slowly be prepared for his life under the saddle.

His pedigree is full of Pallares (old Carthusian line) from the mother side, the father is a son of the famous and “Mejorante” (race improver breeding stock) approved stallion Digital.

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