General information about the intermediation


2003 I was the first time looking for a Spanish horse. The horses fascinated me in several shows and more. So when I was looking for a horse, I was sure: It must be a Spanish horse. What was not so easy, was the question where to get one. Hours of research on the Internet didn’t bring me further at all. The horses in Germany were too expensive for me, especially regarding the cost-benefit-perspective and there was no wide choice at all. To go to Spain I didn’t dare. All the stories that were told, the language problems, the culturas differences… Big barriers and their passing seemed impossible.
In the end I bought at a stable in France that sold horses – I had been there for holidays before.. The result was unfortunately a long tale of woe, because they knew what they sold to me: A sick horse for a lot of money. The said horse is since 2011 (with 13 years) in early retirement and will hopefully still enjoy many years of freedom in the Spanish sun.

Such tragical stories I do not wish anybody! So, I came to Spain more or less by accident and now I want to give people the possibility to find easy, fast and secure the partner of their life.

A horse from Spain?

In general I can say by experience: Here in Spain You are just spoilt for choice, all for fair prices. I don’t want to say, that here are no trickster at all, but these ones you can unfortunately find all over the world – if you hook up with the wrong people. Many salesmen outside of Spain demand enormous prices for barely average horses that earlier they had bought cheap in Spain.
If You buy a horse directly from Spain you have the advantage that you can see directly, where your horse is coming from.
No unknown background, no questions like: If he has been raised good? How did they treat him? If the stallions knows to work with mares?
Make your own picture of your horses background! Have a look at the stables! See how the people treat the horse in the daily handling! Watch horse and rider during the daily work before you vault yourself in the saddle and know exactly where you are getting into!

Perhaps you will think now:  The travel to see the horse, the communication, the transport of the horse over here and so on – it’s not that easy. I can just say: You are not alone! I will help you with everything as good as possible. If you wish, I organise all over here for you – hotel, taking and bringing you from/to the airport and visits at the different stud farms. I organize everything what you need until your horse is standing in your stable and I’m always obtainable.

The horses

All horses that I’m showing on this website come from stables that have a reputation. Some horses are in training at our own stables, others are still with their owners. Before presenting them I have personal contact to the breeders and I have a close look at the horses, stables and riders/trainers.

Further I’m just offering horses that I am backing all the way regarding to their raising, the handling and the training. There are differences in the prices, depending on the quality of the horse, its age, pedigree and training. In all offered horses I can see a correct cost-benefit-perspective. That for example a horse with a lot of dressage-potential is higher priced than a horse with an average movement should be aware to everybody. This also creates chances and possibilities for everyone. So you can find a horse, that fits to your requirements in every respect.

In general I can say: What I don’t offer here, I can find for you. The price of the horse doesn’t matter, over here are enough horses in every price category. Just write me what you are looking for and I will see, what I can find for you!

The intermediation in 5 steps

  1. The first contact:
    • You have found a horse on my website, that you are interested in? Just write me or give me a call! So I can tell you details to the horse and we can see, if the horse really fits to you.
    • At the moment you cannot find a horse on my page, that appeals to you? Just contact me without any obligation and I will look for a suitable horse for you!
      Gladly I receive details of you – the more I know, the better I can look for a horse, that could be the perfect partner for you.
  2. Finding the right horse:
    I send you picture’s and video’s, so that you can get a good impression of the horse. I look for several horses that could be interesting for you. So you can distinguish better between things that you like, and things that you don’t approve that much.
  3. Well, which one?
    Now there are different possibilities for you:

    • Consistently I come across people, that are already so in love with a horse, that they abandon the possibility of visiting the horse, or people for whom it is impossible by circumstances of their time. Gladly I can proof and ride the horse for you and/or I make more video’s, if you are not sure at all. When the decision is made, I organise all the necessary, so that you can welcome your horse in his new home soon.
    • You come to see the horses, that come into consideration. We visit the horses together, if you want I make picture’s and video’s of you and the horse and of course I advice you as good as possible.
      Here we also have some different possibilities:

      1. You organise your visit on your own and we drive with your (rental)car to the different studs to see the horses.
      2. You organise your visit on your own, but we drive with my car to the different studs. A compensation of the petrol costs is welcome.
      3. For a compensation of time and effort I organise for you a hotel, take you from the airport and bring you back to it and we drive with my car to the different studs. If you wish I can also organise a visit for example at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art or at the famous Carthusian Stud Yeguada de la Cartuja in Jerez de la Frontera.

    I can just advice everybody: Come to the home of these Spanish Beauties and feel the fascination of the country, the sun and the horses! Like this you will surely find the horse of your dreams!

  4. The decision is made
    You have decided on a horse? Than I want to advice you to make a veterinary check in any case, because every horse should comply with some health requirements to remain healthy a long time.
    I have contacts to several neutral veterinaries and I am personally present during the veterinary check. Of course you can als consider your own veterinary and/or be present during the test yourself. If you choose a vet check with Xrays, the veterinaries will send the digital Xrays to you or your own veterinary, so that he can review the Xrays as well. We will leave nothing to be desired, I will organise everything just as you want it.
  5. After the purchase
    So that your horse gets safely to its new home, i will gladly organise all the necessary for the transport. For this purpose about 2 weeks need to be planned, so that the export papers can be purchased. The costs of the transport depends on the destination, the transport company and the amount of transported horses. Normally the companies wait until they have enough horses for a full truck. Generally there is a transport every 2-4 weeks to northern Europe, depending on the destination this can vary. Of course you can choose the company on your own, if you wish I will make suggestions and I take care of all the necessary.
    Naturally I will stand by you also when your horse is already with you. I will help as good as possible so that you and your horse will perfectly get along with each other. I am open for any questions and I will help you as good as I can.

A long process until your horse is in your stable?

Perhaps it seems a longer process than it really is, but of course a horse from Spain is not bought in two days. In exchange you have the choice, to really find YOUR horse.
And think about this: What are a couple of weeks, if in exchange you will have a horse-lifetime long the perfect partner on your site…?

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