Inspired by the Online Horse Fair International I started to prepare my first online-courses that are shown at the fair from the 19th to the 25th of October 2020 .
Getting the horse world together with 100 participating trainers from different countries all over the world, each trainer presenting 2 demonstration videos a wonderful project was set in place!

I am very happy to be part of this wonderful project and am looking forward to seeing the videos of the other trainers as well, as from everybody we can learn so much! And where else can you find demonstrations of so many super trainers from all other the world..?

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You will have one week time to check out all the wonderful content! Many shops and 2 videos (15-25min) of each of the 100 trainers.

A wonderful opportunity to learn new things, get new ideas and have a look beyond one’s own nose and at the same time you support the trainers all over the world.

As requested by many people I decided to set my online courses for sale after the Online Fair for a price of 10€ per video (20-25min). In case you are not happy with the content, I offer a 7-days money back guarantee.
Just contact me for purchase!

At the moment the following topics are available:


Preparation and improvement of flying changes
How to prepare the canter to improve quality and balance to ensure clean changes – How to use specific exercises to improve the quality of the flying change.


In hand work of the Piaffe
How to develop a Piaffe in hand

As due to the Covid-19 Pandemic all my clinics 2020 had to be cancelled this is a wonderful possibility to continue learning, discovering and training further at home.

Soon I will prepare more online-courses with different topics.
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Coming soon: How to develop the Spanish Walk!

Do you have any ideas or wishes regarding a topic? Just let me know by contacting or leaving a reply below!
I would be pleased to prepare a course about your topic. In return for your idea once it is published you will have the course for free! 🙂

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