Yunque, PRE APTO, *2008, Sold

Name:                  Yunque XXVIII
Breed:                  PRE
Gender:                Stallion – APTO approved for breeding
Age:                     8 Years – *10.02.2008
Height:                  –
Colour:                  Bay
Price:                    Sold
Sire:                    Navegante XVIII (Lovera, Calificado, JRR) – v. Faraon XXVIII (Lovera, Calificado)
Dam:                    Cantabra IV – by Jeque II (Cardenas)

See here the pedigree!

Yunque is a really expressive stallion that catches Attention.

He is a very typical, baroque example of his breed – His calm, but always-willing-to-work character with a good temper and his strong body and neck make him a real eyecatcher…
Yunque has been broken in very late but knows already lateral movements. Piaffe and Spanish walk are introduced.
His owner is a beginner and gave the horse in training, while he takes him for a walk from time to time. Now he started studying in Seville and is therefore looking for a new owner for his treasure.
Yunque knows hacking and has been to several “Ferias” as well. A horse that everybody can enjoy.

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