Venicio, PRE, *2005

Name:                      TH Venicio
Breed:                      PRE
Gender:                    Stallion – approved for breeding
Age:                         10 years – 03.05.2005
Height:                     15,8hh
Coat color:                Black
Price:                        Sold
Sire:                         Linaje IV
Dam:                        Dalicla – by Falsificador

See here the pedigree!

Jetblack and impressive on one hand, and so gentle and honest on the other.

In the track Venicio knows the lateral movements up to half-passes. In canter he is doing travers in circle and closing it already good towards pirouette. Flying changes he knows as well.
He is just since the beginning of the year in professional training and was worked before just in the basics. But he is learning fast and easy and is always intent at work.

In the handling and under the saddle he is super safe and calm, without any stallion behaviour. Even hacking through a herd of free mares and he doesn’t even neigh but continues easy in walk.

A horse to have fun with in every situation.

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