Romero, PRE, 1,61m/15,9hh, *2008, sold

Name:                  Romero OM
Breed:                  PRE
Gender:                Stallion
Age:                     8 Years – *23.03.2008
Height:                  1,61m – 15,9hh
Colour:                  Grey
Price:                    Sold
Sire:                    Naranjero XLV
Dam:                    Kalax, by Artillero XVI

See here the pedigree!

Romero is a really expressive stallion in a very nice coat.

He is a very typical, baroque example of his breed – His calm, but always-willing-to-work character; his strong body and neck and the long mane…
Romero knows the lateral movements (leg yieldings, shoulder in, half passes) and flying changes. Pirouettes, piaffe and Spanish walk are introduced.
He is easy to handle and to ride, knows hacking and has been to several “Ferias” as well. Cars, mares or hustle and bustle – he stays with you. A horse that everybody can enjoy.

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