Peregrino, PRE, 5Y

Name:                  Peregrino
Breed:                  PRE
Gender:                Stallion
Age:                     5 Years
Height:                  ca. 1,70m – 16,7hh
Colour:                  Grey
Price:                    –
Father:                  on request
Mother:                 on request

Peregrino is a beautiful young stallion with very good gaits. For his breed he is really tall, but still well-proportioned and expressive.

His movements are wide and swinging with an impressive extended trot and a very good walk. He is just a couple of weeks in professional training and doing very well. At the moment the correction of the contact is one of the main purposes, so that he can find his balance. He is easy to ride and learns fast. He is performing shoulder in, leg yielding and counter canter.  Further first steps of the piaffe are trained slowly in hand.

The character of Peregrino is wonderful. He is super safe and relaxed, knows mares and works next to them super concentrated. Also new surroundings don’t bother him at all, he stays calm and adjusts to changes very fast.

A horse, that brings fun and always gives his best to please you.



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