Nilo, 4-Years

Name:                  Nilo Larios
Breed:                  PRE
Gender:                Stallion
Age:                    4 Years
Height:                 –
Colour:                 Grey
Price:                   PC 2 (2.500€ – 5.000€)
Father:                 Delfinium Larios
Mothers-Father:     Principe VI

See here the pedigree!

Nilo is a beautiful young stallion with very good movements for dressage. He was taken late from the “Campo”, he knows lunging with a bridle and the saddle and he knows the weight of a rider. He is behaving honest, nice and trusting. Due to a lack of time and money he is not developed so much at the moment, this is why actually he is sold a lot under his value. He is lunged and gets out on a paddock, at the moment the rider is only two days in the week at the stud.
His brother Jugueton is already sold to Germany. Looking at him you can see how Nilo can develop further. See more over Jugueton here! and here!

A really nice young stallion to “form” on your own. For everyone who is looking for a horse with a good quality for a good value!

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