Nazareno, PRE, 4yo, 1,64m, 16.1hh, Sold

Name:                      Nazareno CA VI
Breed:                      PRE
Gender:                    Stallion
Age:                         4 Years – 18.01.2012
Height:                     16,1hh
Coat color:                Grey
Price:                        Sold
Sire:                         Manfredo (Calificado)
Dam:                        Nazarena XIX – by Veleto

See here the pedigree!

Beautiful, young stallion – An eyecatcher with an amazing charisma.

Nazareno could stay a long time in a bachelor group on the “campo” and is now since the last autumn under the saddle.
He has naturally a good balance, but is sometimes still unsecure and or a bit scared of new things. This is why he needs a rider who gives him security and confidence.
To find a good contact is still a bit difficult for him, he still tends to get too short in the neck and to go behind the vertical. Learning new exercises on the other hand is easy for him.
Nazareno is a wonderful horse that with a correct training will sure develop to a very nice horse for the upper recreation or dressage.
In the handling he is nice, but still a bit unsecure from time to time.
Nazareno’s father Manfredo is a Calificado-approved stallion from the famous Lovera stud.

He is welcome to stay with us for further training.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!