Manzanares, PRE, 2yo

Name:                      Manzanares SAL
Breed:                      PRE
Gender:                    Stallion
Age:                         2 Years – 28.01.2014
Height:                     15,2hh
Coat color:                Grey
Price:                        Sold
Sire:                         Violeto II
Dam:                        Princesa LXVII – by Jelote

See here the Pedigree!

Beautiful colt with super gaits and a lot of Cartujano-Blood.

Manzanares is still outside on the big campo in a herd of colts, enjoying his youth. He is super pretty and already now very baroque with spectacular movements.
His half-brother Karin SAL, who was sold to Mispelhof in Germany, doesn’t only look like him, but they also have similar gaits and charism.
Manzanares hasn’t had a lot of contact to humans yet, but he is trusting and curious, because he also hasn’t had any bad experience.

A wonderful raw diamond to form on your own.

He is welcome to stay with us for further growing up and/or training.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!