Kalem, 8Y, Oldenburger, gelding

Name:                   Kalem
Breed:                   Oldenburger
Gender:                 Gelding
Age:                      8 Years
Height:                   1,71m
Colour:                   Brown
Price:                     –
Father:                   Royal Olymp from Rohdiamant
Mothers-Father:       Sunny-Boy from Sandro Hit

8-Year old Oldenburger Gelding.
Trained by dressage-rider Jesus Tocino Gutierrez, owned by him since Kalem was 3-years old.
In the handling Kalem is a dream, he is super honest and nice, you can do everything with him and he is absolutely not scared of nothing. Also in competitions he is brave and relaxed, goes correct in the tests.

He is trained solid and correct, goes nice all the lateral movements. Tempi changes at 3 and 2-strides are no problem, the changes by every stride are introduced, he is already doing 4 or 5 of them. The pirouettes are introduced and Piaffe and Passage are started in hand and he already shows very good reactions and works good with the hind legs.

Kalem has very active hindquarters and is very easy to ride. He has his head and neck constantly in a good position, has a good reaction on the legs of the rider and a very nice extended trot. He is doing all excercises correct, smooth and without any conflicts. A horse for everyone, who is searching for a correct and nice horse on a high level.

Kalem while loosening before work:

Kalem training at walk:

Kalem training at trot and canter:

Kalem tempi changes and extended trot:

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