Dictador, PRE, Calificado! Grand Prix! 1.68m, *2004, Sold

Name:                      Dictador
Breed:                      PRE
Gender:                    Stallion – Calificado approved!
Age:                         *2004
Height:                     ca 1,68m / 16.2 hh
Coat color:                Grey
Price:                        Sold

Pedigree on request

Baroque beauty on Grand Prix level.

Dictador is tall and big, really baroque and trained up to a very high level.
Flying changes in series up to one-on-one changes are no problem for him. Further he knows Pirouettes, Piaffe, Passage and Spanish walk.
He has a very calm and nice character. A horse, that can help his rider reach the highest level of dressage. He is not too sensitive, so he can forgive some faults of the rider and always stays calm – in the handling and under the saddle.
He has been competing up to Prix St.Georges level where he could prove his strong nerves in every situation.

Also for the breeding Dictador is very interesting as he is Calificado approved, just as his father (a well known stallion of the Candau stud) and his mother. He has a lot of Candau and Marin Garcia blood and already 27 offspring in the ANCCE.

A horse for someone, who aims high.

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