Coqueto, 5yo, PRE, approved

Name:                  Coqueto
Breed:                  PRE
Gender:                Stallion, approved for breeding
Age:                    *2010
Height:                 ca. 1,63 m
Colour:                 Grey
Price:                   on request
Father:                 Calificado approved – name on request
Mothers-Father:     Calificado approved – name on request

Further information about the pedigree and the price on request.

Coqueto was allowed to enjoy a long time of his youth in freedom and was brought to the stables and broken in not a long time ago.

Under the saddle and in the handling he is well-behaving and sensitive, learns fast and shows already good beginnings of leg-yielding. He is very soft in the mouth, needs just a light contact and has a natural facility to carry himself. He is a horse with a lot of energy, but stays always easy to hold and to control.

Coqueto is a super beautiful young stallion with elegant forms, a beautiful face and a lot of expression.

He comes from a well-known stud and has a very good pedigree, both father and mother are Calificado approved. The father is a stallion from the famous Pallares stud, whose father is even distinguished as “Mejorante” (emprover of the breed)!


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