Capitan, 4-Years, approved, 100% Carthusian

Name:                  Capitan Casa Grande
Breed:                  PRE
Gender:                Stallion (approved for breeding)
Age:                    4 Years
Height:                 1,63m
Colour:                 Grey
Price:                   –
Father:                 Juny
Mothers-Father:     Yumbo V

See here the pedigree!

Capitan is a beautiful young stallion with good and elastic movements and so much power in the hind quarters. His 100% Carthusian pedigree (Pellares) makes him even more special.
Until 3 an half years Capitan has been outside on the campo in a bachelor-group. Now he is basically ridden and lateral movements are slowly introduced. Piaffe in hand has been started, as well as the Spanish Walk that is quite expressive. Capitan is waiting to be educated further. He is behaving honest, nice and trusting, he likes cuddling and with his beautyful face and his nice body he is the eye-catcher everywhere.

A really nice young stallion to enjoy and to form on your own.


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