Apolo, 2-years old cremello stallion

Name:                  Apolo
Breed:                  Hispano-Arabian (75% PRE, 25% Arabian)
Gender:                Stallion
Age:                    2 Years – 25.04.2012
Height:                 –
Colour:                 Cremello
Price:                   –
Father:                 Hispano-Arabian (50/50)
Mother:                 PRE

This 2-years old cremello is a really exceptional stallion for a really good price.

Apolo is a Hispano-Arabian with 75% PRE and 25% Arabian blood. His mother is a PRE and his father a Hispano-Arabian. Apolo has a passport and of course a microchip, but he doesn’t have a genealogical certificate.

Anyway this doesn’t trouble him at all. He is already now really wide-chested and strong, with a body that makes him look so much older.

Apolo is still very green, but he knows to be brushed, washed, tied and so on and he is really kind. He needs, just as any horse in his age, a little education and a leading hand, that slowly introduces him to the life as a riding horse.

Because he is already so baroque, we can already imagine, to what a great horse he will grow out a day, when he is older and trained.

A good oportunity to get an extraordinary horse!

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