Afligida, 4 Years, BLACK with PEARL-GENE!

Name:                  TOAGU Afligida
Breed:                  PRE
Gender:                Mare
Age:                    3 Jahre – 10.01.2011
Height:                 1,57m
Colour:                 Black with Prl-Gene
Price:                   Sold
Father:                 Quitasueno VII
Mothers-Father:     Zamorano XI 1980

See here the pedigree!

Afligida is a real rarity under the PREs because she has the unusual Pearl gene, that is in great demand. While normally horses with “just” one Pearl-gene aren’t diluted, her coat has an unique golden glint and the inside of her ears are light-brown, like a Smoky Black.
Due to her Pearl-gene she can get the precious and in the PRE breed so rare diluted foals.

The genetics of Afligida are: ggEEaaCCPrlpchchzz
So she can get foals in the following colours:
Black (with/without Prl), Smoky Black (Black+Cr)
Bay (with/without Prl), Buckskin (Bay+Cr)
Double-Pearl (Black/Bay+ PrlPrl)
Perlino/Smoky Cream (Bay/Black + CrPrl)

Paired with a Double-Pearl stallion there is a 50% possibility, that the foal will become a Double-Pearl as well!! And 50% possibility, that the foal will have at least one Pearl-gene! So the foal will be special in any case!

Afligida is pregnant from a buckskin PRE, Noctambulo HRE (Genetics ggEEAaCCrppchchzz), on the pictures 4-Years old.

She will probably foal in September.
Because the father has a Cream-gene, the possibility is very high, that the foal will get or the Cream-gene or the Pearl-gene, or that it will be double-diluted by getting the two genes!

The possibilities for her foal are:
25% Bay
25% Bay with Pearl-gen
25% Buckskin
25% Perlino (with Cream and Pearl gene)

I would be pleased to send you further information over colour-focussed breeding! Just contact me!

The character of Afligida is faultless. She is honest and calm, very cuddly.

She is such a beautiful, sweet mare with that special “something”. She is really interesting for colour-focussed breeding or for someone, who is just looking for something special.

The father of Afligida: Double-Pearl stallion Quitasueno VII


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