Colts and young horses

Here you see a small selection of young horses that are for sell at the moment.

Some of them are located at our own stables (M&M Dressage Center – soon you can read more about it). These are or our own horses (bought or bred by us) or horses of clients that are for their training at our stables. You can recognize these horses by a “M&M” in the title of their page.

All other horses are carefully selected by us but owned by breeders or riders  from our surroundings.

Besides the ones below I can show you also more horses.

There are always several colts and young horses at your disposal. Depending on what you are looking for, I would be delighted to present you a selection of horses that conform your wishes.

All horses can stay with us for further training.

You can also let your horse be approved for breeding or be castrated before taking him home. We organize everything for You.

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Further horses, more information on request:

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