Viento, PRE-Carthusian, 1.63m, *2010, M&M

Name:                      Viento AV
Breed:                      PRE
Gender:                    Stallion – APTO qualified
Age:                         8 years – 01.05.2010
Height:                     1,63m / 16.0 hh
Coat color:                Grey
Price:                        On request
Sire:                         Oceano VII (Calificado) – by Yuguerito III (Bohorquez)
Dam:                        Java VIII –by Mejicano XV (Pallares)

See here the pedigree!

Stunning stallion with a lot of potential for dressage, very good gaits and pedigree.

Viento has been a long time out in the country in a bachelor group. In summer 2014 I started slowly to break him in. After riding him about 20 times, I got injured and needed to stop riding for several months. Viento got a break and went out on the field during this time. It did good to his body and also mentally.
After this he was trained during a long time by a friend (professional rider). Since a year I am riding him again.
I bought him for myself and wanted to compete him on national level, because he really has a lot of potential. Unfortunately I need to accept, that at the moment it is impossible for me.
This is why I have decided to offer him for sale to a caring person who can bring him forward.
In the handling he is friendly and attentive. He loves to cuddle and likes to get attention and to be occupied.
In the handling as well as under the saddle he isn’t scary at all. Also in new situations, while hacking or in new places he stays calm.
Nevertheless technically while riding Viento is not an easy horse and this is why he is suitable only for advanced riders.
He knows the laterals up to half-passes in walk, trot and canter, starting with canter piruettes, flying changes, piaffe and passage.
He has an enormous potential and a lot of power. This must be controlled with very fine aids when after the warming up you have him at the point where he becomes expressive and shows all his potential, as he then has highly sensitive reactions. Anyway this is the point where he gives you a really incredible sensation.

Viento is from the stud Agricola Valvi, that is known for their great upbringing of youngsters and many Calificado-approved horses. Also his father Oceano was Calificado-approved and was sold a couple of years ago to the USA.
Viento is 75% Carthusian and has next to a lot of Pallares also Bohorquez blood.
He is APTO approved but has never been used for breeding.

When I bought him in February 2014 a vet-check with X-Rays was made. Since then he has never had any problem and therefore never X-ray’d again.
Of course he is regularly vaccinated and dewormed.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!
All horses are welcome to stay with us for further training.


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