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Welcome to Caballos de la Esperanza!

Since August 2018 I live with my horses in Carmona, about 20 min from Seville. Here I offer, next to exclusive sales horses also training and riding lessons on beautiful PRE stallions up to the highest level. Further I have contacts to many, mostly small breeders with wonderful horses that are often hidden somewhere in deepest Andalucia.

In the categories below you a couple of horses for sale. Due to lack of time you can see here just a small selection, gladly I send you more horses that fit your wishes.
I have chosen the horses well and I have seen them good, as well as their stables and their trainer. All horses that you can see here come from reliable studs and are trained soundly, solid and depending on their age.

You are welcome to come here and I will show you the horses that might be interesting for you and that we have chosen together before by pictures, video’s and my experiences with these horses. Of course I can help you with the planning of your trip, and with all the organization once you choose your horse.

With me you can find from young colts over basic ridden dressage horses up to well-trained competition horses everything, what you want. The horses range from a low price up to high-priced breeding- and sporthorses. <strong>Everybody</strong> can own one of these Spanish beauties. The prices of the horses are updated from time to time. They can change, depending on the training and the success of a horse.


Colts and young horses

You did not yet find the right horse for you? Please get in touch with me now, without any obligation! Describe me your personal dream horse and soon you will have it at your stable. I’m looking forward to your request.

Contact me now!

You can also call +34 67 47 37 826 or Whatsapp me +49 176 2013 6828.

Matilda 🙂


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